Penitentia című CD-n a Precatio pro pace

A The American Record Guide gondozásában 2006.10.1-én megjelent Penitentia című  CD-n hat zeneszerző liturgikus műve hallható.

Pizetti, Poulenc, Herbolsheimer, D’Hollander és Joubert művei mellett

Pászti Miklós: Precatio pro pace (Ad martem és Ad dominum) műve is szerepel.

The Esoterics present PENITENTIA, a project featuring works of and on the Lenten liturgy by Poulenc, Pizzetti, d’Hollander, Herbolsheimer, and more. From literal depictions of the agony of Christ to reflections upon the darkness of that hour, with ancient prayers ensconced in modern compositions the most melancholic and reflective period examines the in the Christian liturgical year is observed across cultural, temporal, and geographical boundaries – the ways we are the same and the ways we differ.

One eloquent result of such of reflection was “Precatio pro pace” add ancient poem by Janus Pannonius set by the Hungarian composer Miklós Pászti.